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Established in 1943

The Campbell House Museum

Since opening on February 6, 1943, the Campbell House Museum has become an iconic institution of the greater St. Louis area, serving as one of America’s premier historic property museums.

Our Mission

The Campbell House Museum enlivens the history of St. Louis and Westward Expansion through the story of the Campbell family and their home.”

Lucas Place facade of the House with view of the yard.

One of the most historically significant Nineteenth Century buildings in St. Louis.

The Museum not only preserves the Campbells’ house, but also their collection of original furniture, fixtures, paintings, objects and thousands of pages of family documents. Included in these documents is a unique album of 60 photographs of the interior of the house taken in about 1885. In 2005, CHM completed a meticulous five-year restoration that returned the building to its opulent 1880s appearance, when the house was one of the centers of St. Louis society.

The Campbell House was documented as part of the Historic American Buildings Survey between 1936 and 1941, designated a City of St. Louis Landmark in 1971, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1977, and became a National Trust for Historic Preservation Save America’s Treasures project in 2000.

We work hard to preserve our National Register listed buildings and important collection of original furnishings, family possessions, photographs and archival material to serve as a center for education and community outreach programming.

The Campbell House Museum is owned and operated by the Campbell House Foundation, Inc., a 501c‑3 non-profit organization. Click here to visit www.guidestar.org for more information.

Campbell House Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors, 2024
  • Jackie Chambers, Ph.D.
  • Fritz Z. Clifford, Jr.
  • Suzanne Corbett, 2nd Vice President
  • Scott R. Dolan, Treasurer
  • Louis Gerteis, Ph.D., Secretary
  • Jane P. Gleason
  • Thomas W. Gronski, 1st Vice President
  • Kathleen Horgan
  • Lynne Johnson
  • Lisa D. McLaughlin
  • Bill Meyers
  • James Morris
  • Dennis Rathert
  • Ginger Reinert
  • Patricia H. Schlafly, President
  • James Sherby
  • Matthew C. Sherman, Ph.D.
  • Jack Swanson
  • Richard M. Wise
Ex-Officio Board of Directors
  • John N. Hoover
    Executive Director
    St. Louis Mercantile Library
  • Min Jung Kim
    Barbara B. Taylor Director
    Saint Louis Art Museum
  • Andrew W. Hahn
    Executive Director
  • Victoria Schultz
    Weekend Manager

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