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Beautiful Victorian Home. Tour Guide Ginger was an amazing historian of the home and have a wonderfully nice personality. The home is well kept and clean, very much worth $10 dollars per person. Our tour last around an hour long as well. I contributed $50 to keep the home in tip top shape.


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Absolutely breathtaking at Christmas! A hidden treasure in St Louis! Thankful to the people who had foresight and saved this home.

Vickie Jozsa Wilmeth 

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Very enlightening tour of this beautiful and opulent Victorian era home. Our guide Christa is a wealth of information. She is obviously devoted to the Campbell House Museum and is eager to impart the history of the house and the Campbell family. I was impressed by the restoration of the original furnishings and artwork- that’s dedication. This house is a gem.

Anne W 

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We took a tour here with a lovely guide named Ginger. I was in awe of both the beauty and the tragic, romantic history of the home. It was a wonderful experience and I’d love to go again if I ever happen to visit St. Louis again in the future.

Alice Graves 

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Andy was a wonderful tour guide for our group and involved our antsy 6yo son by letting him do a few things throughout the home. We saw an advertisement for the Famous Barr Christmas exhibit and didn’t realize this was mostly a full tour of the house when we came, but learned a lot of history and got to see the beautiful home. With that being said, the store exhibit was fairly lackluster and very disappointing compared to it’s ad – it was mostly just a slideshow of pictures from year’s past with only a few items in small glass displays.

Christine Garrett 

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Such a unique place to visit if you’re in the area. Definitely a hidden gem of St. Louis.
The tour guides are great- we had Samuel Monroe and he was so thorough and knowledgeable about everything! They also have the cutest little gift shop. Worth the visit if you’re in the area!

Alexis Godbee 

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This was such a cool visit. One of the best Victorian-Orientated museums I’ve been in the nation. You walk in and everything has been preserved since the 19th Century. Amazing history and one of the best preserved STL houses. Please go here if you can!

Matt E 

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This is a beautiful house in downtown St. Louis which contains all the original furnishings. Our tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable, and the tour group was not too large. This is a must see for historical home enthusiasts. Just a block away is the gorgeous Carnegie public library.


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Stellar house remaining from the mid-1800s – that is the only remnant of the gorgeous homes from the era from a time when this was where the “well-heeled” of St. Louis lived.

One gets a guided tour that takes about an hour; you pay at the end. The people who run the tours are volunteers and passionate about what they do. For much of the 2nd half of the 19th century – this was THE place to be in town if you had money and were “in society”. Because of some quirks to this family, as all the other fancy houses fell into disrepair and were demolished as the wealthy of St. Louis moved west, this one ended up getting preserved. 90%+ of the furniture is original!

We saw nearly every room while learning about the family and the era.

Dave C 

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Loved the feeling of being in the actual house with the furnishings intact. It really took you back in time! You could see how the upper class lived and what it was like in so many ways. It went directly from a house to a museum, which is unique but also very special. You don’t have to be interested in furniture or even history – there really is something for everyone to enjoy. $10pp at end of tour. Lasted a little over an hour.

Don D 

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Probably the best historic house museum in the whole St. Louis area! We have a lot of wonderful historic homes you can tour, but this one is the best! There’s so much history in this place that the tour takes two hours! The most amazing part is that about 90% of the furnishings are original to the house!

Nathan Jackson 

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Wonderful tour from Victoria! I’d definitely recommend if in the area and looking for something unique to do. It’s a beautiful home that has a fascinating story and been wonderfully maintained. A gem of St. Louis history.

Jaclyn M. 

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If you want to see an example of a high society house from the mid 1800’s – this is it! We were amazed at the amount of original furnishings contained in the house and the history it holds ~ plus the dinner guests list of presidents and other important figures of the time. Our tour guide, Tom Keay, was fantastic!

Melanie S. 

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This is a national scale gem. The history of the average American making good. The Campbell story is worth hearing. The home is preserved from the last relative, as if they just walked out and left it for us. Mrs Campbell spent more on opulent decor for one room than was spent on purchasing the house. This is a fabulous view of the past. Best mansion tour I’ve seen. Highly recommend.

K Bergeron 

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Gorgeous Victorian Mansion in St. Louis. It is the most complete Victorian Mansion in the U.S. with 90% of the furnishings and other items being to original to the home. It was decorated for Christmas and was beautiful. Lots of neat history here.

Heidi Martin 

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Beautiful home furnished and decorated with originial furnishings! Guided tour was excellent. Worth the $10 per person fee. Check the website for times and days for tours. Has a nice gift shop at end of tour. Carriage House with carriages also included and garden area of home too. Absolutely stunning home!

Karen K 

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Very interesting museum experience. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about every accept of the home and its contents. The social situation at the time of the building of the home and over the home’s early periods in Saint Louis was well explained. It was an excellent learning opportunity.

Daniel Campbell 

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My wife and I went to the Campbell house museum in St. Louis yesterday and it was amazing. The restoration on the house is unbelievable. It is so beautiful. And our guide Christa was awesome, she went above our expectations, and everyone we met were so friendly. We will definitely be back soon.

Jason B 

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Great staff. Educational tour. Both I and my mother enjoyed.

Lionel Spearman 

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The house and all it’s contents are a wonderful and unique peek into our city’s past. The tour was fantastic and full of so much history and interesting information on the Campbell family and St. Louis. Our tour guide, Christa, was the best! She really has such a delightful personality, super informative, and really knows how to spark the curiosity for history in children. My 9 year old son was interested the whole visit and she took the time to answer all his questions. She also tried to add bits to the tour to involve my 2 year old as well. My 9 year old will never forget the tour. He already wants to visit again! The house is gorgeous and the volunteers are amazing. I encourage you to visit and step back in time for your own adventure into St. Louis history!

Megan Harashe Holm 

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The Campbell House brings you back to the way things used to be. It is a gorgeous home and the docents/tour guides are incredibly well versed with facts and stories – ours had worked there for 20 years on a full time basis. I have been there twice and learned so much each time. Give it a try if you are visiting St. Louis and are near downtown or if you live right here in town. The Campbell House is a gem! Don’t miss it.

Marilyn E 

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What an amazing, well preserved piece of history. We loved it! The Famous-Barr exhibit was awesome!

Robert Stinnett 

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Very impressive with so many of the original artifacts and furnishings. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

Kathy Valdes 

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