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Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion

The Chatillon-DeMenil Mansion is a magnificent example of the Late Greek Revival style in St. Louis, but its significance is more than architectural.

The house embodies the stories of the families who lived here, including members of the founding families of St. Louis and Carondelet, a nationally known Western trailblazer, the family of an Oglala leader, and a literary scholar who was a director of the 1904 World’s Fair. We also tell the story of the caves beneath the property, the highway system that almost destroyed the house, and the preservation efforts that saved it.

City Museum

Housed in an old shoe factory in Downtown St. Louis, City Museum is an ever-evolving, always-thrilling, artist-built playground full of weirdly wonderful spaces to explore. From a passion project to an indoor, outdoor, underground playground that welcomes adventurous visitors from all over, we had no idea what City Museum would become when we first opened our doors.

Get lost in twists, turns, tunnels, slides and more in our weirdly wonderful museum of play.

Field House Museum

The Field House Museum was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2007. It was opened December 18, 1936 as the first historic house museum in St. Louis. The Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and has also been named a City of St. Louis Landmark.

This house was Eugene’s boyhood home, and during their residence here his father Roswell M. Field served as the Attorney who took Dred Scott’s freedom suit into the Federal Courts, leading to the infamous Supreme Court decision in Scott v. Sandford.

Gateway Arch

Experience a destination where the stories are as incredible as the views.

Bringing together art, nature, history, and adventure, the Gateway Arch is an inspiration as well as a destination. Spend a few hours or a whole day. The Gateway Arch will change your perspective, inside and out.

Founded by the National Park Service in 1935 to commemorate Thomas Jefferson’s vision of a transcontinental United States, the Gateway Arch National Park (formerly known as the “Jefferson National Expansion Memorial”) stretches from the Old Courthouse to the steps overlooking the Mississippi River. In between, the Gateway Arch rises high, a bold monument to the pioneering spirit.

Griot Museum of Black History

The Griot is the first cultural institution in St. Louis that is solely dedicated to revealing the broad scope of Black History and culture. Only the second of its kind in the country, The Griot Museum of Black History opened as The Black World History Wax Museum in February 1997. In 2009, we hit upon what seems to be the perfect name “The Griot (pronounced “GREE-OH”) Museum of Black History (“The Griot”). Our new name more accurately reflects what we do — collect, preserve, interpret, and share the stories, culture, and history of Black people – particularly highlighting their regional connection to American history.

Saint Louis Public Library

St. Louis Public Library’s Central Library boasts some of the finest examples of Beaux-Arts and Neo-Classical Architecture in the United States. Designed by renowned architect Cass Gilbert and completed in 1912, the structure which occupies a full city block is a historic treasure. Exquisite replicas of features from the Pantheon, Vatican and Michelangelo’s Laurentian Library bring the Italian Renaissance to life in the heart of downtown St. Louis. An extensive $70 million award-winning renovation of Central Library led by George Nikolajevich with Cannon Design was completed in 2012, and showcases a masterful blend of classical and modern architectural styles while preserving Central Library’s unparalleled beauty for generations to come.

Scott Joplin House

An authentic player piano fills the air with Scott Joplin melodies as you walk through the historically appropriate modest flat on Delmar Boulevard where Joplin rented a room in 1902. Scott Joplin House State Historic Site, which stands as a testimony to his talent and hard work, also includes museum exhibits that interpret Joplin’s life.

Soldiers Memorial

Soldiers Memorial Military Museum is a state-of-the-art facility honoring local military service members, veterans, and their families. Located in the heart of downtown, Soldiers Memorial is home to exhibits that tell the story of American military history through the lens of St. Louis.

Admission is free to all three Missouri Historical Society locations, including the Missouri History Museum, Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, and the Library & Research Center.

21c Museum Hotel

21c Museum Hotels reimagines a historic St. Louis fixture: the 10-story, Renaissance Revival-style YMCA building. Located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, and a short walk from the City Museum and CITYPARK stadium, 21c Museum Hotel St. Louis includes a 173-room boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, Idol Wolf restaurant, Good Press café, and Locust Street Athletic and Swim Club, a full-service wellness center. With more than 14,000 square feet of exhibition and meeting & event space seamlessly integrated into all areas of the property, there are opportunities to discover contemporary art around every corner.

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