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Restored Glass Installed!

Regular readers and followers will recall that last summer the Campbell House was vandalized and a historic piece of etched glass in our entry doors was smashed. Read more about that here and here.

Thanks to our generous supporters on Twitter and friends on Facebook, we raised almost enough funds to restore the broken piece.  It proved to be a difficult task to find an artisan who was willing to take on this complicated project. Thankfully we hired  local artist Lea Koesterer who carefully worked through the many challenges this project presented.

A few days ago the restored glass was installed and the results are magnificent. Check out the photos below.

Campbell House front doors: original etched glass on the right and space left by the broken glass on the left.
The new piece of glass is carefully unwrapped after travelling from the artist’s studio.
Lea Koesterer does some last-minute touch-up.
Can you tell which one is the new piece of glass? It is the one on the left.
Lea Koesterer proudly stands by the finished product.

Thank you Lea and all the donors who helped us complete this project. We still have a little more fundraising to do the complete this project. Please consider making a donation below.

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