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Happy St. Patrick’s day from Campbell House Museum

With Campbell House’s multiple connections to the Emerald Isle, we couldn’t let St. Patrick’s day pass us by without recognizing it.  Both Robert Campbell and his brother Hugh emigrated from Ireland to America.  Other Campbell relatives eventually followed, but many remained behind.  Today we post a 1937 St. Patrick’s Day letter between two members of Robert’s extended Irish family, at least one of whom has moved to the US and lives in a place called Hughesville.  It talks not only about their lives but also reports on the state of their cousin Hazlett Campbell, Robert’s last living son.  The letter was transcribed by Frank Collins of the Ulster American Folk Park in Northern Ireland, which now houses Robert’s birthplace, Aughalane house.  It was part of a collection that Collins and the Folk Park donated to Campbell House Museum last summer upon the European release of the book The Campbell Quest.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Campbell House Museum, home of a true Irishman!

This St Patrick’s day The USA 1937 at Hughesville …….

Dear Lady McFarlane.

So long since I ritten,  so long since I heard from you. Illness has kept me silent, am normal again now. Spring is in the air & the fine sunshine will make me strong again. Our winter has been long and severe.

The country is beautiful and up on my Plantation things are beginning to hum. There has been so much failure in crops in the past three years that the start this season most hopefully on account of the fine & recent rains.

An indirect word from St Louis and cousin Hazlett Campbell came yesterday, that he was quite well , had passed a night in excellent condition.

He has such perfect care taken of him. About a year ago one of his oldest attendants, a servant that had been with him 35 years had died, & yes the man servant is left doing timely duty as he promised cousin Hugh Campbell he would. The old Campbell home where Hazlett lives is a fine establishment …….. run & conducted beautifully by 5 servants, his Dr & lawyer, coming regularly to see him & look after his uncle.

You must rite to me & tell me how the world is treating you & your children. Best wishes of my heart brings this to you

Your Cordially

Mrs C Annie S MacFarlane.

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