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Happy Thanksgiving from CHM

A big thank you and a recipe:

2012 has been an extraordinary year for us at Campbell House, and we have lots to be thankful for:

  • Our guests. More of you have come through the house this year than ever before, and we’re glad you let us share our story with you. We appreciate your support, and please keep coming. We try to have something new and exciting to appeal to just about everyone, and your continued interest and attendance helps us keep the doors open. It’s our esteemed pleasure to be here for you.
  • All of our volunteers, including docents, board members, researchers, garden help and gift shop staff. Much of the work around here is done by people who like Campbell House so darn much they come here unpaid just to lend a hand. We couldn’t keep this place in tip-top shape without your help, and we’re lucky to have you.
  • St. Louis. Robert and Virginia liked St. Louis enough to call it home, and we’re proud to maintain and share their house in such a wonderful city. We’re still humbled by the outpouring of encouragement after our burglary over the summer. This really is the best city on earth. (The Campbells were on to something when they bought this place.)

In case you need a recipe for your turkey tomorrow, here’s one of Virginia’s specialties: Boiled Turkey.


Take grated bread, 1/4 lb butter, cream, chopped oysters, sweet marjoram
pepper & salt & nutmeg mixed up the yolks of 3 eggs. Stuff it, flour it
& tie it up in a cloth, boil it an hour and a quarter.

[If you’re brave enough to try it, send pictures. And a review….]

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Campbell House!



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