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Each summer we usher in a brand-new crew of summer interns, and we always end up with incredibly bright and charismatic students. Summer 2012 is no exception.  Starting this week, we’re going to do a short bio on each one so you can get to know them, too. Not only do these ladies and gentlemen give tours all summer (more than likely you’ll meet one or more of them on your summer visit to Campbell House), but they also conduct research for their own projects, AND they do a lot of the important work that keeps this place running on a daily basis.

Without further ado, meet Katie!

What are you studying and where?
Technical Theater and Art History at Lindenwood University

Why Campbell House?
One of my friends was an intern. She told me about Campbell House. She had a good experience and mentioned the stock of period costumes. [Editorial comment: Katie’s friend Ande was made of sparkles and rainbows. We miss her. *sniff*]

What are you going to work on at CHM over the summer?
Hopefully I will be restoring and researching the period clothes. I love the idea of connecting past to present through clothes. You can learn so much about a society and an individual based on what they wear. I’m happy to do anything and to learn as much as possible!

When you aren’t slaving away at Campbell House, what are you doing?
I work part time as a makeup artist, and I work for theater companies around St. Louis, designing costumes and working wardrobe. I rarely have free time, so when I do, I sleep.

What’s your favorite thing about Campbell House so far?
Everyone seems genuinely interested in our goals and working with us to create a beneficial experience.

PC or Mac?
Mac, duh.

Little known fact about me:
As a young child, I had a phobia of fish.

Favorite sandwich?
I could easily eat the veggie sandwich from Quizno’s everyday.

Favorite book?
Anything by David Sedaris.

[Editorial comment #2: On her first day “on the job,” she endeared herself to us with her phone’s ringer. ]

Thanks for reading, and check back next week for the inside scoop on another member of our intern staff. Are you looking for an internship? We’d love to talk. Introduce yourself with an email to andy [at] campbellhousemuseum [dot] org.

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