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If you come by on Saturdays, you’re more than likely going to meet Lauren, our new Fall intern. She’s a busy bee, holding down 18 hours of classes, a part-time job and working here several days a week. We’re lucky to have her! If she’s your tour guide, make sure you ask her what she thinks of Vegemite……

What are you studying and where? History at UMSL.

Why Campbell House? I wanted to get experience working in a museum, and I thought I would be able to get a more valuable and hands-on experience in a smaller organization where I could feel I was more involved. I think the Campbell House is a really unique and special place, and I thought it would be a very enjoyable place to gain some knowledge about working in museums.

What are you going to do at Campbell House? I am going through tons of letters and documents trying to uncover quotes or first-hand accounts of each of the Campbells, as well as various facts regarding their story and the house, and creating cards to put in each of the rooms. I want to be able to provide people with a more intimate knowledge of the family aside from what our docents can tell them, and help to serve as a talking point or reference on tours.

When you aren’t slaving away at Campbell House, what are you doing? I am busy with a full-time school schedule and working at a cafe! When I do have time for a life, I love traveling and just spending time with family and friends.

What’s your favorite thing about Campbell House so far? I love researching and learning new things everyday about the family and the time period, and It’s also just a beautiful environment to be working in, surrounded by this opulent Victorian home. But of course, I love the people I work with and am grateful to have so many knowledgeable, helpful and positive people around!

PC or Mac? PC

Little known fact about me: I am an Australian citizen (I have dual-citizenship because my father was Australian) and lived in Melbourne for a year!

Favorite book: It’s a tie between Slaughter House Five and Angela’s Ashes…I have read both at least five times!

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