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View of the Gazebo in today's rain.

Howdy to all you lovely people in the blogosphere! Starting this Friday (tomorrow, that is), we’re kicking off a new blog schedule with a broad range of content that will pique the interest of just about anybody. We’ve come up with some topics that are going to rotate every two weeks, so here’s the lineup:

Week 1
Monday Update
News, events, research and other behind-the-scenes peeks of what’s going on around the house. What could possibly be happening, you may ask? Loads. We (thankfully) get long-lost Campbell pieces returned to us on a fairly regular basis, mystery mail addressed to Campbell family members comes in the door, 50-cent pieces appear on our front steps, researchers dig up new and exciting tidbits about the Campbells and/or St. Louis,  new exhibits, crazy maintenance projects, or we could be hauling some artifacts out of storage. In short: There’s always something new and exciting happening around here, and Monday is the day for you to catch up on all of it.

Wednesday: Campbell Cuisine
This house has a long and distinguished history of food and entertaining, and we’re going to share some of Virginia’s recipes, Victorian dining traditions, and ways we can bridge the gap between the Campbells’ 1850s and the modern day through food, eco-friendly practices and farm-(and garden)-to-table dining.

The Carriage House from the Gazebo.

Photo Friday
A compilation of images that had been taken of the museum’s activities over the course of the week. A photo diary, if you will.

Week 2
Tuesdays for Tots
This house is a treasure trove of documents, stories and objects, all of which revolve around an influential and well-connected family. Every two weeks, we’ll make a post that is related to the Campbells, the Civil War, St. Louis history, architecture & design, immigration, the fur trade, or one of the many topics we cover on your visit to the museum, and the content will be specially geared to children with a short lesson and activity. This is our way of providing a resource for parents, teachers and caregivers, while at the same time staying in touch with some of our favorite little guests to the house.

Thursday: Campbell Contemporaries
St. Louis is a vibrant, exciting city, and we couldn’t be happier Robert Campbell settled here and was such an advocate for the growth and development of it. There’s always something worthwhile happening in the metropolitan area, and in this space we’ll give you staff recommendations of what you shouldn’t miss over the weekend. New exhibit? Concert? Festival? We’re enthusiastic supporters of our fair city, and we’ll point you in the right direction. Trust me.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Something you want to see on our blog? Leave a comment here or email shelley@campbellhousemuseum.org post haste. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check back early and often.

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