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Old-time religion with the Campbells

Sydney examining microfilm of Campbell checks to see which charities around town they supported.

Thanks to Sydney, one of our talented summer interns, we now have a beautiful and interactive way to show the Campbells’ religious history. When Sydney came on board in June, she didn’t waste any time digging into Campbell documents and church records to build a more complete picture of the family’s faith.

For her exit project, she made an online timeline, complete with maps, images, quotes from our local newspapers, and historical narratives. When Sydney wasn’t giving tours, she was diligently reading, comparing facts in different sources, compiling information, and writing. This was a big job.

The fruit of her efforts can be found here. Not only did she do all the research and writing, but Sydney also figured out how to make her idea into something she could implement. She found Dipity, and made her timeline come alive in a way that’s easily accessible and simple to share with others.

Take a look, and let us know what you think. Pay particular attention to “Hugh’s Generosity” toward the end of the timeline. This entry captures much of her often-tedious microfilm research, and this gives a wonderful glimpse into Hugh’s personality. He gave freely to a variety of churches, regardless of affiliation.

One more time, here’s the link to her timeline. A big thanks and three cheers for Sydney!

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