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New online collection database

You can see all my stuff on the interwebs now.

Just like your house, our house is filled with lots of stuff. We have furniture, letters, paintings, chamber pots and thousands of other random household objects.  (Sound familiar? Except for the chamber pots, of course.)  To keep everything in order, we have a software package that inventories all of the objects and documents in the Museum. After months of work and a generous grant from the Employee Community Fund of Boeing St. Louis, our collections are now online and accessible by all.

Here’s the link: http://campbellhouse.pastperfect-online.com/34842cgi/mweb.exe?request=ks

Links from our Home page and Research page will be up shortly.

The will of Robert's brother, Hugh Campbell.

What does this sort of access mean to you? Loads. Say you’re doing research on Ireland, click on “Keyword Search” and the system will find everything we have on Ireland. For this search, we have 99 letters, 5 photos and two person records. Many of the letters have images attached so you can see the original document, like the one to the left.

You can call up records by subject, name, artist, city of origin, etc. Don’t know what a lithophane is? Find out here.

Need a first-person account of the fur trade? The early days of St. Louis? Irish immigration? Love letters? The Civil War? It’s all right here.

Explore the site, and we hope you like (and can use) what you see.


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