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Primping for the Holidays

The Christmas tree in the Parlor.

Yep, it’s the time of year for us to get our festive on and deck the halls. We started in earnest a few weeks ago, and our efforts culminated this week when we finally got the tree and creche up in the Parlor.

In addition to the wreaths, holly sprays and food throughout the house, we even brought one of Virginia’s party dresses out of storage for everyone to see. As much as any of the furnishings in Campbell House, Virginia’s dresses represent the family’s wealth in a beautiful, textural way. This dress was made for Virginia by Moschcowitz & Russell, a couture dressmaker in Union Square, New York City. It’s a two-piece reception dress with ribbed silver and gold silk with cream silk brocade details.

Virginia's dress in the Aviary.

Virginia’s dress is on display in the Aviary with another Christmas tree. Here’s a link to a Flickr set of photos we took of some of the scenes of the house.

This is the best time of year to see the house, so come on down and say hello. We’re here Wednesday through Saturday 10-4,  Sunday 12-4, and Monday and Tuesday by appointment (call 314/421-0325 to check our availability).



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